Jordan Hurwitz

With her powerful melodies, soulful pop, and story-telling ballads, JORDAN HURWITZ is an American born singer/songwriter quickly making her way onto the music scene. Creating music holding likeness to the soul of Lady Gaga, the power of Demi Lovato, the heart of Billy Joel, and the effortlessness of Adele, JORDAN’s songs are made to be heard, to be repeated, and to be loved.

JORDAN is thrilled to release her long-awaited LOVESICK. The Remixes EP, capturing six entirely new visions of the title track from her previous EP produced by Narada Michael Walden and available worldwide on the Tarpan Records label.

LOVESICK. gave rise to highly acclaimed songs “I Love Your Abs” and “Riverbank”, both with music videos available on all visual streaming platforms. LOVESICK. is Jordan’s second work with Walden (Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston); her earlier Here I’ll Stand EP is also available on the Tarpan Records label.

JORDAN performs to a wide array of audiences locally and across the country. She is excitedly preparing for her second U.S. tour scheduled for Summer 2019. Constantly expanding her repertoire with new and innovative music, be sure to stay tuned for all this promising young artist has to offer.


Born and raised

Born and raised in Redwood City, California, JORDAN spends most of the year in Miami, Florida attending the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music where she is in the highly-regarded Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program.

Currently in her final year, Jordan will soon be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship, and with minors in Music Business and Entertainment Industries, Creative American Music, and Advertising.